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Icon Signs: Office Banners and Signs

In a world ruled by visuals and social media, banners are vital to modern advertising. Every business knows that in order to succeed, you’ve got to stand out, and with Icon Signs’ banners, you’ll do just that. Our premium-quality printed office banners and signs are so effective, they’ve been chosen by some of Auckland’s biggest businesses and have even been used for council projects! Read More

We’re industry experts, producing the highest quality business signage, banners, exterior and interior branding signs, 3D signs and plinths in New Zealand. It’s a craft that comes from the heart; our aim is to support local businesses in their journey to the top with a unique but consistently impressive collection of signage items, boosting brand visibility across the board. So, whether you’re just starting out and need to get noticed, or perhaps you’re a business veteran hoping to re-brand and adapt to your evolving market, we can create something truly special for you.

The Importance of Having Different Advertising Signs for Different Locations

In the realm of advertising, the saying “horses for courses” holds true – different locations demand different approaches. Effectively promoting your business requires strategic thinking. It’s not just about printing posters or crafting plastic boards; it’s about placing your message where it’ll garner the most attention. If you’re uncertain about the ideal locations, we’re here to guide you through the process.

We specialize in a range of advertising signs, from the door signage to prominent wall displays. Our expertise extends to banners, vehicle graphics, and eye-catching artwork for light boxes, commonly seen at airports. Each type serves as a unique ad sign, and we collaborate with you to devise optimal solutions, ensuring they are strategically installed for maximum effectiveness.

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Our Printed Banners and Signs are Made With your Community in Mind

As a brand itself, Icon Signs was built upon the idea of using graphic design to build bridges within the community. It is a Pasifika-owned business, owned and operated by a talented and community-minded father of three, whose passion for corporate custom signs design helped him to lift his family and many other local Pasifika families out of an uninspiring employment hierarchy. By creating high quality advertising banners and signs with a team of hard-working people, Icon Signs has become a quintessential generator of communicative products across Auckland! Read More

Sharp and innovative, the designs created by Icon Signs seamlessly inform communities of what is available around them, and support local businesses as they grow to meet the demands of those around them. It’s a cycle that started with a need, but has blossomed into a region-wide process of community reinforcement. Your business could be next to reap the benefits of our premium signage! Why wait any longer?

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Advertising Signs and Banners That Pack a Punch

Banners are a vital component of modern advertising; after all, first impressions count more than ever in today’s fast-paced world. Without an eye-catching banner helping your business stand out from its surroundings, people will just keep moving by. Our expertly designed banners, however, are the perfect highlighting product to attract customers and boost sales. Without signs this good, you’re bound to lose that all important brand visibility, and you deserve so much better than to fade into the background. Instead, invest in signage, particularly printed banners and signs, that celebrates all that your business can be. Read More

Our printed banners are immensely versatile in shape and size, capable of maximising your branding space with media that works with your property. We can design your advertising material from scratch, or team up with you to modernise an existing branding plan – you can trust in our team knowing they’ve made banners for some of NZ’s most exciting business projects. So why delay? See what Icon Signs can do for your business banner printing today.

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