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You know that moment when you’ve been using the satnav and it tells you you’ve arrived at your destination? But instead of the restaurant you’re heading for, it’s a furniture warehouse in an entirely different part of town? That could be a software glitch or it could be human error, but in any case, never believe you’re there until you’ve seen the sign. Read More

We at Icon Signs have put up a few retail signs in Auckland in our time, and we’ve done them in all kinds of styles, all kinds of locations, to our customers’ specifications and sometimes with our own suggestions. That is important because there is more to shop signage than a painted board by the front door. However, let’s start with that. How big, what colours, how much information? Flat against the wall or at right angles, swinging like an old inn sign?

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How Retail Signage in Auckland has moved with Times

After the old wooden sign came the individual letters screwed to the wall, and then illuminated signs: that means printing on glass or plastic and putting a light bulb inside, so it’s clearly visible in the dark. There are the newsflash-style ones, that show a message moving across your field of vision, like breaking news on your TV screen. There are those that use hundreds of tiny bulbs to repeatedly create and dissolve a picture, so a suburban business in Auckland can come across like a swish hotel in Las Vegas. The list goes on… Read More

How We Help People with Shop Front Signs for their Retail Stores

There are so many different types of shop front signs and retail signage in Auckland that sometimes a customer will want to have a chat about all the options available. We are more than happy to do that, because we want you to be completely happy with what you choose for us to design, produce and install. Do you want something professional, understated and discreet to suit your image, or is loud and unignorable more your bag? We can do anything, and while we are happy to advise you, the choice is yours. A vintage clothes store has a different image from a fun, budget unit for kids’ gear and we can cater for either one. A techie place full of computers and phones needs something different from an undertaker’s office, even if they sit side-by-side on the high street. You tell us what brand image you’re trying to project and we will help you find the right solution with our premium custom signs.

The only thing all our signs for retail stores have in common is quality: we will provide you with the best, something to be proud of.

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How Can I Get Started with my Shop Signage?

Just fill in the online form or call us, outline your requirements and the way you want your business to be perceived and we’ll give you some options. Whether it is a commercial outdoor signs you’re after or an electronic signage, we can do it all. If there is some design involved, we can aid in that as well. We at Icon Signs are here to help with the creative side as well as the practical. So get in touch and get yourself some of the best retail signage in Auckland.

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