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Icon Signs: Custom Neon Signs NZ Can be Proud Of

When it comes to LED signs in NZ, the country has some catching up to do. Society today is more focused on visual aesthetics than ever before, and without corporate signage that brings you customers around the clock, you’re missing out on a whole lot of money. Icon Signs is proud to offer some of the sharpest illuminated signs on the local market, capable of (quite literally) bringing your business out of the dark and into the light! We’re real signage buffs, carrying premium expertise surrounding all kinds of business signage from banner printing, billboard signs to interior branding materials, 3D and plinth signs to full exterior banners and, of course, flawless LED pole signs and products. Read More

Why should your business struggle on in the dark? With our custom neon signs, your firm will be able to shine at all hours! Businesses without neon illumination can find it hard to draw in customers during the darker months and in poor weather, but here at Icon Signs, we believe that your business deserves to thrive, no matter the weather. That is why we have perfected our process for developing high-quality custom neon signs for advertising spaces of any shape and size.

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Signage with Lights: Illuminating the Whole Community

Icon Signs is operated by a talented family, with an inspiring story of how graphic design can create opportunities, not only for the family running the business or the workers using their skills of craftmanship, but also for the community as a whole, now joined by advertising that provides seamless communication across the board. Read More

Since Icon Signs have worked with many council bodies and local authorities in Auckland, the business’ top-tier products are a common sight, helping customers from far and wide access services and achieve their own dreams. By choosing Icon Signs for all your commercial signage needs, you’re getting involved in something special. Why delay?

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Whether you Simply Need an LED Pole Sign or a Complete Rebrand: Choose Icon Signs

We’re not immune to low-light conditions here in stunning Aotearoa. Businesses without illuminated signage can really struggle to compete with their well-lit competitors when they simply don’t stand out. Customers are bound to be attracted to spaces that appear to them like cosy safe havens shining out of the darkness! Our world-leading LED signs in NZ are designed specifically to draw in spending customers like moths to a flame. From a stylistic perspective, adding a carefully crafted signage with lights to your exterior can also give your business that fresh retro vibe that has become so desirable in recent years. Your business deserves the chance to shine, and Icon Signs is the perfect partner to make that happen. Read More

Versatile, attractive, and long-lasting, our custom neon signs in NZ are perfect for maximising the reach of your exterior visibility, making your business into more of a local landmark than an unremarkable building. Perhaps you’re only just beginning to consider a sign like this, or maybe, like us, you’ve been dreaming of the perfect LED neon sign for a lifetime. Whatever your position on the matter, trust us: you deserve this! We’re here to help you every step of the way, so get in touch with Icon Signs today and begin building the custom signs of your dreams.

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