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Icon Signs: More Than Simple Billboard Vinyl Printing

First impressions matter now more than ever. We’re a visuals-obsessed society, and customers are focusing more and more on the consistency and overall appeal of brand image when looking for somewhere to spend their cash. Luckily, Icon Signs is here to make it that little bit easier for vital local businesses to maintain a strong, recognisable visual brand. From billboards to plinth signs, we’re your local signage heroes, mastering the big projects while never neglecting less considered areas, such as vehicle wraps, event banners as well as banner printing. Read More

We believe that every local businesses in New Zealand deserves to be heard and celebrated, and our billboard signs do just that. With stunning designs and reliable installation that stands the test of time, we are determined to produce signage that consistently draw in customers and help firms thrive. Who wouldn’t want to share their outstanding business with everyone in the local area? With an Icon Signs billboard, you’ll be the talk of the town. So, whether you’re looking to spruce up your current branding, or even start completely from scratch, we’ve got the perfect billboard vinyl sign printing service for you.

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Billboard Vinyl That Works for the Whole Community

Icon Signs is the product of a single, talented Pasifika family, looking for a way to uplift their local community and support Pasifika workers who have far too often been placed into lacklustre employment hierarchies that don’t recognise their potential. By taking advantage of the creativity within the community, Icon Signs has become one of Auckland’s most successful signwriting company, working alongside major local businesses, and even councils, to produce a lasting visual network of communicative signs including billboard vinyl signs across the region. Read More

Our products improve businesses’ confidence, customer interactions, and contribute positively to a post-pandemic economy. If we can begin small and become a positive force for the local community, just imagine what our branding prowess can do for your organisation!

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In Need of Premium Billboard Vinyl Signs Printing? Look no Further!

Billboards are an impressive piece of advertising. By taking up space and promoting brand image on a large scale, a single, well-designed billboard vinyls can produce countless leads and work effectively for season after season, making it a surprisingly cost-effective solution for companies needing to create market impact. When you think about your favourite local business, there’s a good chance the first thing you imagine is their billboard advertising. It becomes synonymous with the company’s image, and therefore, a reliable tool for businessowners who want to draw in as much interest as possible. Lucky for you, we are experts in billboard vinyl sign printing. Read More

Here at Icon Signs, we specialise in making high-quality, high-impact billboards from weather-resistant materials. Many of our extra-large signs have become local landmarks, creating a lasting impact on local communities and the businesses that help them grow. These striking billboard vinyl signs make a real statement and can push a business’ popularity to new heights.

Why not see what they can do for you? We take pride in working alongside firms with all kinds of ideas and philosophies, so trust us when we say we’ve got the skills to make your business into a local legend! Whether you’ve got plans for a billboard or you need help getting it all started, get in touch with us today and together, we can make something magical. Your company deserves it!

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