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Icon Signs: Pioneers in Modern Pylon & Plinth Sign Design

In today’s ultra-competitive market, businesses need more than just an average, run of the mill plinth sign to stand out from the crowd. Icon Signs is your one-stop-shop for some of the most attractive and consistently high-quality signages in New Zealand, and our services stretch far beyond the average signwriting company, keeping your business fresh across the board. Read More

We can do it all: from vehicle wraps to illuminated signs and billboards, banners and LED projects, there’s an expansive range of pylon sign designs available for local businesses to benefit from. Your company is special, so you ought to have access to signage that helps you shine! Whether your firm needs a complete rebranding, or you’re simply hoping to freshen up a design that works for you, trust that our talented team can support you every step of the way, and produce consistently premium-quality signage that will stand the test of time.

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So Much More Than the Average Pylon Sign Design

Icon Signs is proud to operate as one of Aotearoa’s most successful Pasifika-owned bespoke signage providers. Thanks to the hard work of one talented family, Icon Signs has quickly become the signage business of choice that uplifts the local Pasifika community and guides talented members of the community away from uninspiring employment hierarchies, so that they can achieve their dreams while producing high-quality products. Read More

It’s a movement that has brought Auckland closer together, with signage created by Icon Signs becoming a part of the local infrastructure thanks to projects we’ve worked on with local councils and well-known Auckland businesses. Powerful visual messaging, a positive customer service experience, and importantly, beautiful products that last. What more could anyone need from a brand visibility expert?

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In Need of a Premium Quality Pylon Sign Board? We’ve Got You Covered

Think of any major business in your local area. We bet the first thing you saw was their exterior signage! First impressions are vital for businesses, creating a point of attention from which all customer interactions originate. It’s got to be attractive, memorable, and speak confidently about your brand. Pylons and plinth signs are an excellent way of creating such a drawing point for your firm, and Icon Signs have a track record of producing these types of signage including the pylon sign board to the highest standards! We can create structures that make your business into something of a local landmark, people will recognise you from a mile away, and seek you out to spend some well-earned money. Read More

Modern pylon sign design are an undeniably striking product that can enhance your business’ presence and ensure you are maximising the amount of attention you are getting from your space, making it perfect for locations close to busy traffic. No one will be able to resist taking a peek!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got decades-old plans for a pylon sign design or if you’ve only just started thinking about one, we can support you from start to finish to make your exterior signage dreams a reality. Your company deserves that outdoor signs that helps it shine throughout the local community and beyond, and luckily, that’s exactly what we do!

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