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How a Good Commercial Signage Company can get you Noticed

Commercial premises can have different requirements, but pretty much all of them need to be visible. That means they have to have a big sign that can be read from the road, so anyone looking for you can see you before it’s too late. That can be achieved in more ways than one. Read More

Size is obviously a consideration, but there is also design and colour: your company logo can hit people even before they read the name, for instance, so if you’ve got a good one, you will want it to feature prominently. Signs can be things people are actively looking for, or they can be something they gawp at while thinking about something else. If you can make even a small connection by the visual appeal of your custom signs, they might remember you when they need the kind of thing you can provide.

As a commercial sign company, we at Icon Signs have designed, made and fitted all manner of commercial building signs. We have painted signs on boards, we’ve printed them on durable plastic sheets to be stretched across the front of the building. We’ve done them as flags, we’ve put them in windows as window advertising decals. Some people even want one on the roof, and why not? With high-rise buildings around the place, the roof can be an effective location. It’s all about getting you noticed.

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What Commercial Building Signs Will Work Best for you?

That is something we will be very happy to discuss – and we have a wealth of ideas to bring to the conversation. We’ve seen things succeed and we’ve seen them disappoint, so we’ll steer you in the direction of success. With your requirements allied to our experience and ability, between us we can come up with the perfect solution. Read More

Commercial building signs can be painted. And printed. They can be 3D signs. They can be in the form of illuminated boxes, or sequential lights that give the impression the text is moving. There are reflective and fluorescent options. Wood, plastic, steel, aluminium, copper, brass. If you can imagine it, we can probably do it (if we haven’t done it already). Revolving signs, ever-changing signs, so that people don’t always see the same words when they look at them.

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Can We Get Together & Kick Some Ideas Around?

That’s a great idea. Contact us and give us an idea of what you’re after and we can give you some ideas right off the bat regarding commercial signage for your company. Have a good look through our samples and see if there’s anything you particularly like. Tell us “something like that, but can it be a bit more striking/subtle/wacky?” We can work with that sort of feedback. If there is some original design involved, we can do that as well. As your local signage business in Auckland, we have the creative talent in-house to bring any of your ideas to life. Read More

On the other hand, if you’ve got your own style, your font, your logo and your colour scheme just how you want them, we can work to a tight brief and simply use our skills to deliver what you have envisaged.

Either way, we at Icon Signs want to help you get noticed. So, get in touch today!

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