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Is your business run by people who work hard, way into the night? Step into the limelight of modern visual branding with Icon Signs’ exceptional outdoor LED signs. In a world where visibility is paramount for business success, our signs offer the perfect solution. Embrace the potential of becoming the talk of the town and a local landmark with our resilient LED signs that shine brightly regardless of the weather. Illuminate your brand’s presence day and night, drawing eager customers even in challenging conditions. Make your advertising strategy as brilliant as your business – invest in Icon Signs’ outdoor LED signs today to transform your local impact and shine amidst the competition. Read More

From concept planning to installation, we can commit to creating truly iconic signage across all areas, including interior/exterior signage of all types, plinth and pylon structures, and even billboard signs. Your business is special, and you deserve visual branding to match. Why not see what we can do for you today?

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So Much More Than The Regular Outdoor LED Signage Board

Here at Icon Signs, we’re determined to become a business that truly bolsters the community from top to bottom. We’re proud to be a Pasifika-owned company, built from the ground up by a single family with dreams of supporting members of the community who were often stuck in employment that didn’t fully appreciate their creative talent. By investing in the community, Icon Signs has blossomed in just a few years, and now we have worked with local councils and important businesses in the Auckland region and beyond, crafting consistent lines of communication and helping businesses get back on track after the pandemic. We built ourselves up from scratch, there’s nothing stopping us from taking your branding to the next level.

LED Outdoor Advertising Board That Makes Your Business Shine!

Finding LED outdoor signs for business or public properties can be quite a hassle, especially when so many providers can’t seem to practice what they preach. We all understand how important that first impression is, but what sets us apart from the crowd is our ability to create custom signs using premium materials that last. Read More

Classic, stylish, and inspiring signage designs can make all the difference to your footfall when they refuse to fade out of fashion or fall apart after just a few seasons. Our products are built for purpose as we want you to get the most out of your investment! Extending your hours of visibility with one of our outdoor LED signage board is a fantastic way of making sure you can maximise the attention your business is receiving per 24-hour day. Low light impacts business presence, but a well-designed LED outdoor advertising board can act like the light at the end of the tunnel, bringing customers right to your door no matter how gloomy it is outside.

Whatever the specifics of your build requirements are, we’ve got an option for your company. If you’ve been dreaming of LED signs for years but never got around to it, we can pick up wherever your plans are and get the ball rolling. Alternatively, we can collaborate with you from the very first step, and build something incredible right off the drawing board. As long as it’ll get your business where it deserves to be, we’re on board. Contact us today to discuss your dream signage component – we can’t wait to get started!

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