Car Wraps in NZ .

Car Wrapping in Auckland, NZ

If you’re looking for the best way to completely transform your vehicle(s), you may automatically think of a respray. That is the traditional way of doing it. But whenever you see the word traditional, it means there is a more modern way, and that is certainly true in this case. The modern way is to get a custom vehicle wrap. That is to get every inch of your paintwork covered with plastic film. Car wrap in NZ is a growing trend, and we at Icon Signs are at the forefront of it. Read More

Cosmetic Purposes for Getting a Car Wrap

People are getting a vehicle wrap in Auckland for a variety of reasons. You can use a vehicle vinyl wrap just to change the colour of your car. Let’s say it’s the model you want and it’s the only one around, but you think it would look better in another colour. Just buy it and have it wrapped.

Practical Reasons for Getting a Custom Vehicle Wrap

You can use a car vinyl wrap in Auckland to protect the paintwork. Just as some people leave the protective film on their smartphone screen to prevent scratching, possibly with a view to being able to sell it for a good price later because it is in mint condition, you can have a custom vehicle wrap to keep the paintwork pristine.

Car Vinyl Wrap NZ: Because a Vehicle Makes a Great Canvas

Imagine if Michelangelo traded his paintbrush for vinyl wraps on New Zealand business vehicles. The possibilities are endless! The need for eye-catching car vinyl wraps in NZ has never been more significant. Transform your business vehicle into a mobile canvas, exponentially increasing its visibility to a broader audience.

Discover the incredible potential of showcasing your logo, company name, and contact details creatively. Whether you bring your ideas or rely on our creative input, we provide exceptional design, flawless installation, and the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your neighborhood—all at a car wrap cost NZ can accommodate.

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The Marketing Power of Commercial Vehicle Signage Wraps

If you’re thinking of your vehicle as a marketing tool, a means of advertising, vehicle signage wraps such as car wraps or truck vehicle wraps are like signwriting taken to the extreme. While most vans, cars and truck in the commercial world will just have a company name and a phone number, that is using only a fraction of the potential of the vehicle. Read More

You can have the whole thing turned into an advertisement using custom signs that reflect your brand or business. Graphic design for vehicle wraps is pretty much the same as any other form of graphic design in terms of creativity, but before you think of handing it over to your advertising agency, consider this: applying the vinyl correctly is a highly specialised process and that agency is only going to have to come to a specialist company such us, because vehicle wraps are part of what we do. And they’re not easy, but we have acquired the expertise through training and experience.

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How Much Does Vehicle Wrap Design Cost?

That all depends. It depends on the amount of creative input we are called upon to provide in regards to vehicle wrap advertising (we are very happy to do it, but it takes time and designers are paid professionals). Another factor is the size of the vehicle and exactly how much of it you want to cover. If you can get the idea across effectively without using the whole body, we can do a half car wrap, which will save a few bucks. Read More

Can I talk to an Expert About Graphic Design for Vehicle Wraps?

You can talk to us about any aspect of vehicle signage, from the simplest to the most complex. From a Lamborghini dream car to a Volvo truck.

Contact Icon Signs today using the online form or give us a call. We’ll give you all the information you need to get your project off the ground right away starting with vehicle signwriting design. Let the transformation begin.

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