Commercial Truck Wraps .

Truck Vehicle Wraps: Can a Truck Be a Thing of Beauty – and Promote Sales?

Trucks are the behemoths of the vehicle world, the grunting, belching, elephantine kings of the road who rule by sheer size and weight. Do the designers spare a thought for such things as elegance, or is practicality the name of the game, with no room for anything else? Read More

Allow us to introduce the latest in trucking haute couture: the commercial vehicle wrap. This paves the way for the automotive equivalent of the plus-size model: the proud, confident, well-dressed larger version of the species.

That might not change the world on its own, because with looks nowadays we demand brains: being the dumb blonde is no longer enough. If you got your Big Berthas kitted out to look a million dollars with a truck vehicle wrap, how would that affect your bottom line? The young guys around the place might swoon, but your accountant and bank manager, not so much.

Well, how about making your vehicles both eye-catching and business-effective? There is a lot of acreage on a truck, and most of the time it is completely wasted because people don’t think to use it. Truck vehicle wrap design can turn a vehicle into an eye-catching sales tool and we as your local signage business in Auckland can help you excatly do that.

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How Easy is it to get Commercial Vehicle Wraps?

Easy doesn’t come into it. It’s a pretty complex business and if you tried to do it yourself, or got some enthusiastic designer to have a go, you would end up with something like a birthday present after the bomb squad had a look at it. No, this calls for expertise, and not many people have it, but we at Icon Signs do. We have the design talent in-house, we have the technology and the materials and we have the technicians who can apply a vehicle vinyl wrap to your trucks so they look like they’re just rolled out of some swanky factory that no one else knows but.

How Much Does Truck Vehicle Wrap Design Cost?

Anything that is going to make you unique comes at a cost, because originality is not mass-produced. It all depends on exactly what you want, how much vehicle wrap design is involved on our part and whether you want a full wrap or a part wrap. So, we need to talk about it. But if you’re serious about this, you can see it as part of your advertising budget and maybe economise on some other aspect of that. One thing is for sure: your truck vehicle wrap is going to be the talk of the town, and that brings benefits of its own: being talked about is word of mouth, and that is the best form of advertising there is. Read More

How Can I Get Started Getting a Commercial Vehicle Wrap?

If the idea interests you and you want to find out more, just fill in the online form or call us. We can give you all the details and advice you need, and generally help you crystallise the idea in your own mind. Then, decision made, we can get on with making your trucks stand out from the crowd with our premium reflective vehicle wraps.

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