Reflective Vehicle Wrap .

How to Catch the Eye Even in Low Light: Reflective Vehicle Wraps

Using a wrap to make your vehicle look great, or even make it a source of information and advertising, is one of the most effective forms of marketing there is. Wherever your vehicle is, whether moving or stationary, it’s like your own billboard, sending out your message 24/7. Unless the light’s no good, that is. Then, ordinary paints and printing methods lose power. That is why emergency vehicles use fluorescent and reflective decals, which draw attention to them. And if they can draw attention to such worthy causes, why shouldn’t reflective vinyl wraps for cars do the same for you? Here at Icon Signs, we’re all about going big and making sure you stand out so, we even offer reflective truck wraps for owners who want to transform these beasts into mighty advertising mediums. Read More

Elevate Your Advertising Impact with Reflective Vinyl

At Icon Signs, we go the extra mile in providing comprehensive solutions for business signage, ensuring our customers have the best options available. One often overlooked material that can significantly enhance advertising impact is reflective vinyl. In the realm of advertising, capturing attention is key, and reflective vinyl proves to be an excellent choice for specific applications.

If you’re considering the impactful route of reflective vinyl, we’ve got you covered. Let’s work together to make sure you and your message get noticed.

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Who Can Make a Great Reflective Wrap for my Car?

If you want your car to look unique – you’re not advertising anything except your own individuality – you can buy reflective materials and, yes, you can apply them yourself. But the end result might look far from impressive. It might well look amateurish, and that defeats the object. We’ve all seen these old bangers that somebody had a go at one weekend with a can of paint and possibly a drink-fuelled mood of optimism. “You know what? I’m going to do it myself. How hard can it be?” Read More

Well, you know what? It’s a lot harder than it looks. That cheap alternative to a respray can make a car a laughing stock. If the thing is only worth a few hundred dollars anyway, maybe that doesn’t matter too much. But when this vehicle means a lot to you, it is imperative to get the vehicle signage design & wrap done properly, and that means professionally. And that again means by a professional.

We at Icon Signs are in the reflective car wraps business. As the name suggests, we’re in the signage business in general and we started off doing what signwriters do: creating branding for walls and doors etc. before we expanded our horizons and started doing the same for vehicles. Then we realised there was a step further we could be going for our customers, so we got into vehicle wraps. Reflective vehicle wrap is a logical extension of that.

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Reflective Vehicle Wrap for Cars & Trucks

We’ve got customers in both camps, private and commercial, and they all agree on one thing: reflective car wraps and reflective truck wraps catch people’s attention. It’s just that the commercial applications make money for businesspeople, while the private ones draw admiring glances. Read More

Is There a Limit to What you can do with Reflective Vehicle Wraps?

No. If you are wondering how you can achieve your aim in this respect, you can talk to us – your local signwriters – about it. Just fill in the online form or call us, tell us what you’ve got in mind, and we’ll give you all the information and advice you need. We have professional designers who can put your general ideas into practice, and we have technicians who can apply the vehicle wraps to perfection. Then, come rain or shine, light or dark, your vehicle will be a beacon for whatever you choose to use it for.

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