Vehicle Signage: Advertising That Gets Around

Vehicle signage can be as little or as much as you like. Working with your budget in mind our design team can come up with the right delivery to suit your needs. When it comes to vehicle graphics we have a range of options and products to make your vehicle stand out.

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Everywhere a salesperson goes, they mention the company name, leave a business card and generally sow the seed, so that when a prospective customer starts to think about the field they are in, the seed is already there and they think: oh yeah, there was that rep, seemed professional, what was the name again? To keep sowing the seed without even talking to people, you can get the message emblazoned on your company vehicles. That way, every time you or one of your people are out and about, you’re putting the name in front of people. Day after day, year in, year out, your vehicle signage will be in someone’s line of vision, and you never know when they are going to need whatever it is that you provide. They might not need it right now, but when they do, your name will spring to mind.

Car signwriting, aka car decal marketing, has progressed considerably, with options from stylish signs on the doors to front, back, roof or even a full vehicle design which makes it look like a bespoke car, produced especially for you. And, of course, that is exactly what it will be: no other vehicle in Auckland or anywhere else will look like yours, and uniqueness attracts attention. With our vehicle signwriting online design complemented by our car wrapping service, we at Icon Signs are the leading vehicle signwriters in Auckland.

Car Signwriting & Vehicle Graphics Advertising

You are an expert in your field. That’s why you’re in business, and marketing is important but it’s not your core subject. It is ours when it comes to vehicles. Vehicle signwriting design is part of what we do, along with every other kind of signage known to man including retail and point-of-sale signage, outdoor signs, pylon & plinth signs, billboard signs, electronic and led-neon signs as well as 3d lettering signage. All you have to do is contact us and we can get started kicking some ideas around. Unless you have the whole thing planned already and all we have to do is make it happen, which we will be more than happy to do.

What is Car Decal Marketing?

If you’ve ever wondered how they run a car door through a printer, well, they don’t. And they don’t paint the design directly on the car’s panels, ether. Maybe that was done originally but imagine the damage you’d do, scraping it off. The design is printed on a plastic film and that is applied to the vehicle. Simple, quick, practical and it stays put for as long as you want it to.

We have the design talent in-house and we’ve got all the technology; we keep up with new developments in this rapidly evolving industry, so we’re top vehicle signwriters in Auckland and in fact the whole of New Zealand. We can help you with custom signs design, developing and adapting your ideas or coming up with something for you, to your specifications. Words, numbers, pictures, logo… you choose your colours and your style and we’ll take care of the practicalities.

Enhance Your Business with Effective Car Signs

If you’re in business and you have a vehicle, but it doesn’t have the business name on it in an eye-catching way, you’re missing out on potential sales every minute the vehicle is out in public. Car signs are the perfect way to get your name around the place. They are cost-effective and easy to arrange. If you have a logo or a design already, we can work with that. If you need our creative input, we can do that too.

It’s all about making the most of the simple things, and what could be simpler than the need to get a car sign?

How Do I Get Started with Car Signwriting?

Whether you want signwriting for cars or just advertising graphics for vehicles, we at Icon Signs are here to help you and your business. Have a look at the samples of our work, then fill in the online form or call us. We’ll get on the case asap and have your mobile ads out there, bringing you business.

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Our Packages

Our Services

Fleet Signage

Increase brand visibility by sign writing your fleet of vehicles. Fleet signage is a great way to create consistent visual identity and it helps to build trust and recognition with new and existing customers.

Vehicle Signage

Your vehicle is a moving billboard, help promote your business with vehicle signage by reaching a wider audience as you travel. Once the initial investment is made, vehicle signage can promote your business for many years.

Vehicle Wraps

Get creative with vehicle wraps that will help to promote your brand to stand out from the rest. Vehicle wraps can cover quarter, half or even the whole entirety of your vehicle. Vehicle wraps can also be cosmetic, and can be a substitute to vehicle paint. With many crazy colours to choose from, wrapping your personal vehicle can take your ride to the next level while turning heads on the streets.


No job is too big, we can wrap your personal motorhome by changing the colour, or even adding a design to suit your personal taste. We also wrap and sign write commercial vehicles such as mobile clinics and hospitality vehicles.

Truck Signage

Extend your brand awareness and have your truck signage be consistent with the rest of your fleet. Truck signage is perfect for commercial trades to help with identity on site and on the road.

Box Truck Signage

The most epic billboard on wheels, box trucks provide a huge blank canvas to advertise your brand and message. By wrapping or sign writing all three sides, your box truck can be seen from a distance, reaching new customers out on the road.

Bus Signage

With our bus signage services, we are able to wrap or sign write buses for industries such as public transport, government agencies, commercial businesses, and private entities.

Boat Signage

Transform your boat from boring to exciting! Our boat wrapping services a sure to catch the attention of other boaties out on the water. Wrap sections or the entire boat with eye catching designs or a simple colour change.

Trailer Signage

From small single axle trailers to large enclosed trailers, add a touch of your brand and keep your signage consistent with your vehicle. Got a food trailer? wrap your food trailer to help your business stand out at the markets and events!


Not only do we sign write vehicles, we also sign write machinery such as diggers, rollers and other machinery in industries such as civil and construction. Machinery signage is a great way to showcase brand identity on site and creates a sense of establishment for your business.

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