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How Point of Sale Signage Can Make a Customer Spend More

Point of sale. That’s a magical expression in the retail world. It means you’ve got the customer on your premises, they’ve had a look and found what they want. Now they’re at the business end of the store, about to part with their cash, which is coming in your direction. Read More

That’s great, it’s what we all want, but how about a last-minute increase in the spend? How about planting an idea on their mind that will have them suddenly deciding to cane that credit card a bit harder?

The checkout operative isn’t there for that, and few companies can afford the luxury of a human persuader whose sole job is to increase a customer’s spend.

That is where retail point of sale signage comes in, and it can come in many forms. It can be a sign dangling from the ceiling, twirling on a filament and attracting attention to a special offer you’re pushing that week. It could be a big advertising banner in the background which they can’t miss while they’re waiting for the customer in front, reminding them that it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, vacation time or back-to-school time. Anything that can suddenly remind someone of something they might have forgotten – or even better pointing out something they should be buying that they’ve never thought about before.

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What Forms can POS signage take?

Here, the world is your oyster, and we are the oyster farm. At Icon Signs, we have vast experience in all forms of signage and sign printing, so if you are thinking of a certain thing, we can do it. If you like the thought of some persuasive point of sale signage and you’re looking for ideas, we’ve got plenty. Have a look through past works and see if there’s anything you think might work for you. Or observe what other people are doing out in the retail world regarding their pos signage and ask us if we can do something like that. Chances are we can. Read More

You want smart little boxes full of leaflets? Sure. Life-size cut-outs of people doing something eye-catching? Of course. The only limit here is the imagination, so let your mind run free among the possibilities and between us we can come up with something. Maybe even something completely original. Maybe the shop front signs you saw in London or in Bangkok that time, but you haven’t seen in New Zealand. All the better. We love working on innovative ideas.

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Boost your Branding with Retail POS Signage

Branding is vitally important, and if you can get your name associated with a product or service people need, they’re going to think about you when they think about it, So, you can associate your company with the idea and give it to them right there at the checkout. For now or for future reference. Or ideally, for regular use. Read More

How Can We Get Started with Some Top Notch Retail Point of Sale Signage?

Great collaborative ideas start with a conversation, so let’s have one. Contact Icon Signs today via our online form or with a phone call and let’s get to work on your retail pos signage ideas.

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